Why We Fight


I’ve known for a long time that I needed to find a way to tie my family’s personal experience fighting cancer with the photography world in which I’m a part of.  How can I be better? How can I do more?  How can I further impact a community of people that need help?  Photography is a powerful source for preserving what unites families and the experiences that they have together, and those captured memories can remind us of what is most important.

This workshop is unlike anything else out there.  We plan to photograph only those who have/had ties to cancer, and it’s not hard to find those individuals.  This is why this workshop is so important.  Beyond the killer speaker lineup and amazing set of teaching moments, you have an opportunity to positively impact families. 

By attending these workshops, you’re donating directly to these families in their biggest time of need. 

When my family came down to Southern California for treatment for my mother, my family came to our rescue to help us out when we needed it most, and this time I'm calling on my photography family to do the same. I have seen so many positive and amazing things that this community can do, and I knew that proposing this idea to this family would help bring my vision one step closer to reality. 

This is personal for me.  Let it be personal for you.  Let us be better.  Do more.  Impact a community of people that need you.



HOUSING: To start, we want to be able to provide grants for families to help them while they are receiving treatment at various cancer research facilities. We want to be able to partner with hospitals that can give me names of families that are in need of temporary housing while they are in treatment. And we want to be able to help them in that transition by either paying their rent, or helping with groceries, helping with moving fees, anything at all. Once, we raise enough money we want to be able to buy apartments near cancer treatment centers and be able to house our families for little to no charge. 

COMMUNITY:  We want to be able to create a community for our families. They are probably going through one of the scariest things they’ve ever experienced, and now more than ever they need support. We want to put together a network of people that can help them with that. We would love to have a family psychologist that can help our families emotionally cope with this part of their lives. We would love to have a network of business that would help donate food, or toys, or clothing for our families to have. We want our families to know how much we love them and want to be there for them during this struggle. No family should go through this alone.